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It is said that only those companies, who own a stable and trouble-free product, can provide prompt and efficient after-sales support to their clients. Believing in the same philosophy, we have always striven to build a product that is user- friendly, stable and robust thereby minimising the necessity of after-sales support. No. of appreciation letters that we have received from our clients in this regard bear a testimony to the same. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, at reasonable charges, to help our clients make best possible use of our products. All these services are offered by us as well as all our Channel Partners. The same are listed below:

Training & Implementation

Though WELCOME IT SOLUTIONS is a very user-friendly product, you might still require a expert to train your staff or to implement as per the needs of your organisation in order to enable you to make use of most effectively. The implementation includes understanding the needs of your organisation and configuring WELCOME IT SOLUTIONS accordingly.


If you forget your password, you can get the same recovered from us. For that, you have to send us the backup of the data.


If your data gets corrupted because of any reason like virus attack, media failure or sudden power failure etc., we can try recovering the same either fully or partially, though it is not guaranteed. Again, you have to send us the backup of your data.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

  • Any govt. related updates.
  • We shall provide software updates.
  • Unlimited Telephonic and E-mail Support.